UK Ark Server Hosting

The Best Ark Survivla Evolved Server Host In The United Kingdom Backed By Amazing Features:

  • 17Tbps Anycast DDoS Protection
  • A2S Caching For Globally Lower Ping & Faster Display Times
  • 1 Click Steamworkshop Installer with 1000s Of Mods
  • Ark API Plugin Support
  • Unlimited Free MySQL Database hosting
  • Enterprise Hardware & Low Latency
  • Config Assistant Tools
  • All DLC & Custom maps included free
  • 48 Hour Money Back Guarantee#
  • Cluster Support

ARK 50

£7.49 / month
  • 50 Player Slots
  • + FREE Website hosting & PhpMyAdmin database

ARK 60

£22.80 / month
  • 75 Player Slots
  • + FREE Website hosting & PhpMyAdmin database

ARK 100

£38.00 / month
  • 100 Player Slots
  • + FREE Website hosting & PhpMyAdmin database

All orders will be directed to our billing area EUGH, for any sale questions or support please raise a ticket here.

Why Choose A PacketPool Ark Survival Evolved Server?

We are super proud of our Ark server hosting and here is why! It's ultra fast, super affordable & DDoS protected! Get the same GREAT features as the big hosting providers, just pay less for it and support a UK registered business.

NVMe SSD Storage

Get fast load times and reduced server save lag. Every Rust server in 2023 should be on an NVMe or PCIe SSD like us.

17Tbps DDoS Protection

Keep your community safe with full layer 7 Rust traffic validation with 17Tbps anycast DDoS protection from

Instant Setup

Your Rust server will be setup in seconds after payment and booted up and ready to join in only a few minutes.

A2S Caching

Our Anycast caching is a game changer for Rust population growth. Get lower global ping & faster display times vs your competitors.

Lighting Fast Intel CPUs

We are the cheapest UK Rust server host! To still deliver great performance we use fast i9 10920x and E5 2699v3 CPUs with NVMe drives.

Ark Cluster Servers

We can assist in deploying your Ark server cluster at no extra cost. Order the server amount you need then raise a ticket.

Game Panel

Easy To Use Ark Server Control Panel

PacketPool takes the hassle out of owning a Ark game server with our powerful control panel

  • - FTP Logins, Sub users + Browser File Manager
  • - 1 click Steamworkshop Mods + Ark API Plugin Support
  • - Play any custom or DLC map in a few clicks
  • - Unlimited Free MySQL database servers + PhpMyAdmin Access
  • - Automatic wipes, restarts updates & map changes DDoS Protection

Our premium Ark Survival Evolved game servers are protected by always-on 17Tbps DDoS protection highly suited to games such as Minecraft, Ark Survival Evolved & Rust.

Thanks to the network our game servers have lower global latency, better DDoS protection and guarantee the lowest latency to the Steam master server list helping to increase your Ark server visibility boosting your population.